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Mega Tech Inc offers a full range of value added services designed to simplify and streamline all phases of your project from acquisition through installation, and maintenance. Our experienced staff will partner with you to determine the services and products that best suit your clinical and budgetary requirements. Our complete suite of services includes:

Inventory Purchase and Sale of Equipment – To provide customers with the widest selection of quality equipment, Mega Tech Inc maintains an ongoing effort to purchase and sell your used diagnostic imaging equipment. We have the experience and resources to properly inspect, de-install/install, transport, refurbish, and service all modalities of imaging equipment. Our technicians are dispatched onsite to ensure an accurate and trouble free process.

Turnkey Projects – From concept, to equipment purchase, construction, installation, and training, Mega Tech Inc will manage every aspect of your project. Turnkey management includes transportation, rigging, de-installation and installation. Our hands-on approach provides a complete customer specific solution including supplying and installing specialized shielding for your imaging needs.

Service Contracts – Through our global network of OEM trained engineers, Mega Tech Inc offers a variety of service contract options for all modalities. Our resources provide fast response and smooth operation for all your service needs.

Refurbishing Services – Refurbished imaging equipment can offer a significant cost savings over comparable new systems.Mega Tech Inc offers a wide variety of refurbished systems.

De-installation/Installation – Through our global network of OEM trained engineers, Mega Tech Inc has developed cost effective removal and installation processes. All installations and de-installations are done according to OEM specifications. Mega Tech Inc will install, service, and maintain all systems.

Veterinary services – All Services including Inventory Purchase and Sale of Equipment, Turnkey Projects,Service Contracts, Refurbishing Services, Installation and De-installation extend out to the veterinary radiology centers and clinics around the world.